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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy:

We collect only the Name, Address, Contact number and Mail ID of the customers. We never give these information to anybody other than demanded by the Government departments.

Cancellation Policy:

If the buyer wants to cancel the confirmed order (after making the amount), it must be done within 1 hour. In which case the amount paid will be transferred within 2 days. If the consignment is shipped, then the buyer has to follow the return policy as specified below.

Return and Refund Policy:

If the item is mentioned as UNC or mint condition, then stock image will be displayed. On the other hand, if the item(s) is/are mentioned as used ones, then the actual images alone will be displayed. If the buyer wishes to buy a quantity more than 1, the buyer must request for the images through “Request images”. After viewing the images and once the buyer is satisfied with the items, the order can be placed.

As the actual images of the items being displayed except in the case of UNC, the buyer need not worry about the condition of the items and hence they cannot return the item(s). Only in an exceptional case, when another consignment is wrongly shipped, the buyer has to intimate us through mail immediately and the items can be shipped to us within 3 days of receipt and the shipping charges will be borne by us. We will either replace it with the ordered item(s) or if the buyer insists on the amount, we will refund the entire amount immediately after the receipt of the returned item(s) at our end.